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Bought the Lunar Bundle. 0 legendaries. WTF Blizzard. Forget this. Obviously this is turning into one big cash grab. You should not go more than 20-25 packs without seeing a legendary. But 30? Without 1?

Now, I have a pretty good sized collection of cards, and it's not gonna kill me. But I buy these bundles on top of the normal big bunches at release in order to increase my collection. I know I am missing some legendaries. I didn't even care if it was a good one. But this on top of what I saw with the Rastakhan's Rumble Release tells me the algorithms are all f'd up. The amount of money you have to invest in this game at each launch has been increasing. Mostly do to a LOT of repeat draws and rare only packs.

Keep it up, you WILL lose customers.
Though you're correct, I must say: Caveat Emptor.
and this is why I play wild now. Decks that worked in the past are still viable. Hell a deck from 3 years ago with minor tweaks got me to rank 4 in wild with very little issues. That and it's more fun. You run into more intresting decks
Here we go again. P I T Y - T I M E R is set for each expansion. It doesn't carry over expansion through expansion. That, and basic knowledge in math is all you need to know when purchasing these deals. This was why Wild bundle was such a good deal to many people (no, I didn't buy either, though I might contemplate with Wild bundle).
Random is random ? holy #!@$
another one who messes up when keeping up with his pitty timers and blames blizzard for it
Here hows the pity counter works
When buying a pack ( each counter is per set , not per total packs open )
Rare- every packs or better
Epic - one garanteed withing 10 packs
Legendary - one garanteed within 20 packs.

If you had 10 of each sets it means you counter was likely at most 10 guaranteeing at least 1 epic for each sets. If it would had been 20 packs dor each then in that case you would had ended up with at least 1 legendary from each set.
Yeah but wasn't it fun having all those unopened packs on screen prior to opening. Next time don't open the packs and you'll remain happy.
Dude, just keep track of the pity timers. If you can't do it yourself, there are plenty apps that tell you how many packs of each exp you've opened since last epic/legendary. And it works separately for each expansion!
You can actually know how lucky or unlucky you are.
Didnt knew there was app for it lol could you name one or two plz ?
Did you learn your lesson?
This is what I know...I have 2 accounts. One I bought the welcome bundle when I started it about 2 years ago and that's all I spent on it. The other account is my main and had it since...2014, I believe. I spent plenty of cash on my main. I find it interesting that my "F2P" account has boasted opening at least 2 packs containing 2 legendary and better whereas my way older, more cash invested account can't even say it has happened once. In fact, I've had one pre order 50 pack that gave me 2 legendary cards in the whole thing...that's sad.
Spout all you want about pity timers but I call BS because those epics and legendary cards can drop a lot without it. It's digital...few codes rearranged can give you a pack with 2 legendary cards or 50 packs with 2 legendary cards...I've gotten a taste of both ends of the spectrum with 2 very different types of accounts. Conspiracy radar beeping like hell. ;)
Guess its just all random. I bought that Lunar Bundle and got 5 legendary cards from it.

I thought that this rate was bad, cause my last time I've played the game was around Feb 2015, but a friend of mine said to me that actually this rate is pretty good and he got like 5 legendaries from a 100 packs.
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Didnt knew there was app for it lol could you name one or two plz ?

Sorry, I never came back to see if there were any replies!
I use deck tracker to help me during the matches. It has several plugins, from which I only use "Pacl Tracker". It keeps separated pity timers, averages, history of open packs and many statistics!

Give it a try!

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