Reasons why the flametongue totem nerf was necessary

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People were complaining about how strong Even Shaman's were (though they were not even a T1 deck)..

That is the ONLY explanation I have except maybe they know what the next cards are for the next x-pac and needed to nerf it as to not make a new card more OP then it will be.....

That move totally boggled my brain and I just wish they would explain why they do these things.

In ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) they will always give a reason for a major nerf right or wrong at least we know why.... <concept>
Preemptive measure to prevent Even Shaman hand vomit hyper aggro once Spell Hunter and Odd Rogue go in the bin.
Even shaman was best deck for months according to vicious syndicate (slight exaggeration),they had it coming. Blame vicious syndicate lol.

There is no need to nerf because of cards that are not even out yet btw,i dont know why anyone would buy that argument.
They can nerf once the moment is there if need but why do 2 months before?
Its not for design space.

Flametongue was because of wild i think.
Or maybe they added a few random nerfs they thought noone would care about to make the nerf to equality (as beeing a hunter counter like druid before) a bit less obvious.
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Thank you.

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