This brawl has to be a stupid joke

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I'm seriously concerned what this game has come to. This isn't even the regular RNG, where you try and fight the odds with the cards in your hand and try to maximize your chances. No. This is just pure cancer. Pat the content team on the back, because you are losing more and more people with this
Everything wrong with Yogg!
Yeah on a second account I leveled a hero to 20 taking the many loses from way better decks just to get a level 20 hero so I can Tavern Brawl.
Coin play a 2 cost minion random spell deal X dmg to a minion - well mines the only one so...gone
Next turn 2 play a 2 cost minion - deal x dmg to all minions. Well I am the only one with minions.

Like another thread said, just let the searching for an opponent wheel act like a slot machine and say you won or lost after it spins. Then we can just pull the lever again instead of watching stupid.
Opposite of above. Coin 2-drop on turn one. Random spell adds 5/5 and Taunt to my minion. Opponent concedes. Easiest pack ever.
It's not hard to feel this way. I've played with the Warlock 3 times and in all 3 matches the deck is just badly built. Like it's designed to lose because you kill yourself casting spells and your minion are high cost and mostly ineffective once out not the board.

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