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a legendary card that DON'T TELL MY SECRETS 5 mana cost upgrade secrets in your hand

explosion trap upgrade deal 2 damage to all enemies this card now gives lifesteal

cat trick the cat now has windfury

hidden cache now becomes +2/+6

freezing trap instead of returning to the owner's hand it goes to yours instead

snipe upgrade deal 6 damage

misdirection the random characters is now also frozen

venomstrike trap upgrade the cobra is now 3/4

wandering monster summon a 3 cost minion to 4 cost minion

rat trap upgrade the rat now have stealth

snake trap now summons 4 1/1 snakes

frozen clone upgrade the minions now cost 1 less

ice barrier now gives 12 armor

mirror entity that minion now has deathrattle resummon this minion

counterspell upgrade the countered spell heals your hero based on the spell cost

explosive runes is now 10 damage

mana bind now gives you 2 copies

vaporize upgrade now destroys any other copies in the enemy's hand or deck

spellbinder upgrade there is a 3/3 as the new target

splitting image summon a second copy

ice block upgrade you can't go below 1 health for 2 turns

duplicate upgrade when you summon those minions they get rush

effigy summon a random EPIC minion with the same cost

potion of polymorph turns it into a sheep with 0/1 health heals your hero 1 health at the end of each turn

cheat death now costs 0 mana

sudden betrayal if the neighbours survives their attack is reduced to 0

evasion become immune for 2 turns

avenge now is +5/+5

autodefense matrix now gets divine shield every 3 turns after this is activated

eye for an eye now gives lifesteal

hidden wisdom now draws 4 cards

noble sacrifice the minion is now 2/4

redemption now returns to full health

repentance now silences that minion

sacred ground trial at least 2 MINIONS

competitive spirit +1/+1 and windfury

getaway kodo the returned minion now gets lifesteal
02/25/2019 03:30 PMPosted by AnimeFood
You gotta hand it to TC for going through the effort of “upgrading” every secret.
Upgrade for five mana and only those secrets in hand. Won’t see play.

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