Akali's Champion Can't Attack

Bug Report
It is past turn 2 and the warrior shrine still can't attack. Obviously this makes warrior unplayable in the brawl.

Edit: I went first I couldn't attack. My opponent wen't second and could.
Same. Played 2 Brawls as Warrior. In the first Brawl (against a Rogue), I went second and was able to attack with my Shrine. In the second Brawl (against another Warrior), I went first and was *not* able to attack with my Shrine — on either the first, second, or third turn. My Warrior opponent, who had gone first, *was* able to attack with his Shrine.

When I tried to attack with the Shrine, I got a message that that minion could not attack (as opposed to the message that 'minions cannot attack the turn they are played' that activates when the Shrine re-awakens after having been killed).

Edit: I went first in the second Brawl, not second.
How well did you read the card?

Did you have armor?
02/27/2019 12:14 PMPosted by Theoden
How well did you read the card?

Did you have armor?

It wasn't mentioned, and user error is common here, but I think it's a bit cynical to assume that multiple players would overlook something as glaring as having 0 attack. There's even a specific error for trying to attack with a 0-attack minion.

Most reports seem to suggest that this happens in Warrior vs Warrior matchups. Wonder if it's a side effect to whatever tweak they used to reenable exhaustion on Shrines for this Brawl, something they usually lack in Rumble Run mode.

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