Regionally Distinct Card Sets?!

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Hey b-Lizzard,
I've enjoyed the game thus far and I think I have a handle on the changes you are trying to implement. I would like for you to take a moment and consider something that may allow you to implement further changes that have otherwise been restricted due to the over powering of certain classes.

With the brief report I have received I feel that one issue you may be having is the wont of excessive force but this would, as I've read, result in a cataclysmic event.

And so I would offer my suggestion, as per our contract. One that might help you further variate your options.

Consider the effect and ease in allowing, "regionally distinct card sets". This is not to say that each region will obtain unique cards, making the task daunting. Instead, allow the cards given to one class to be switched with another class in a different region.

Where in one region, one class has certain class specific cards, in another region, those very same cards have been adapted to a completely different class. There would be a minimal amount of extraneous effort and this would yield a more highly complex tier rating. Two different(D) classes with the same(S) set of cards will be the same yet played differently, likewise, two of the same(S) classes may be completely different(D) due to their respective card sets.

Per usual this is just an option/suggestion/contractual obligation and need not be heeded but I feel, due to your great effort in changes as of late, that this endeavor may be worth considering and discussing on a larger scale. After your current task is complete I predict that further evolution will be contemplated and I implore you spend if only a moment to consider the positive ramifications of what I have advised you in.
Question: Are you saying that, for example, Mage cards in America could be given to Warlock in Europe?

This would make world tournaments impossible due to people needing to own every card in multiple region servers which means a ridiculous amount of money invested (3-4 times normal) for pros.

Or are you referring to something like multi-class stuff like what they did in MSoG?

I don't see what regions would have to do with this idea.

Please give an example of what you mean as I am having trouble understanding the concept.

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