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Bug Report
Im complete all of The league of Explorers and i cant get two cards - Rafaam and Elise.
The League of Explorers has moved to Wild. Have you changed the card set selector (beside the mana gems) to "All Cards" or "League of Explorers"?

Elise Starseeker and Arch-Thief Rafaam is award for completing the fourth (4) wing "Hall of Explorers". Have you scrolled down to see if you have completed (green checkmark) all Bosses?
iI see only League, see all cards, but not get Elise + Rafaam/ I see them only if Craft mode.
Yep i close all of wing
Since the adventure cards can be disenchanted for dust, maybe you disenchanted them, perhaps a year or two ago? If you want them again, you can craft them.

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