Infinite Undatakah with Shredder

Bug Report
I was playing a paladin undatakah deck where he gets these deathrattles:
1. Immortal Prelate (shuffle this into your deck, it keeps any enchantments)
2. silver vanguard (recruit an 8 cost minion)
3. sneed's old shredder (summon a random Legendary minion)

The idea is to keep recruiting the undatakah when it dies while summoning a legendary minion.

The shredder's deathrattle only triggered the first time the undatakah died. Then, each time the undatakah recruited itself and died the shredder's deathrattle didn't trigger.
The Deathrattle effects are added in random order. The order of deathrattle minions dying has no effect.

So, if Sneed's Old Shredder gets added before Immortal Prelate, then the first time Da Undatakah dies a random legendary is summoned, but that death rattle is not retained.
02/18/2019 03:43 PMPosted by Fuschia
So, if Sneed's Old Shredder gets added before Immortal Prelate, then the first time Da Undatakah dies a random legendary is summoned, but that death rattle is not retained.

Have been wondering for a while if there was an explanation behind the Undatakah-failing posts. That seems like a bug, rather than any deliberate consequence, though. I see no reason Prelate's Deathrattle should care which order Deathrattles are applied in when it says to retain enchantments. Nothing like that was discussed in the time leading up to release. There were a lot of dev posts regarding Undatakah and Immortal Prelate at that time, and while it was said that the order between Prelate and Vanguard would matter, nothing was ever said about the third Deathrattle's timing being important.
Perhaps the order of the deathrattles matters insofar that after the Immortal Prelate deathrattle triggers, due to the minion changing zones the remaining deathrattles may be cancelled? So simplified example, if Undatakah gets deathrattles from (in order) Shredder, Prelate, another Shredder, then the first Shredder deathrattle summons a minion, the Prelate then moves the Undatakah from the graveyard to the deck, and then the second Shredder fails because Da Undatakah now no longer is dead.
However, this theory doesn't explain the inconsistency mentioned in the first post, where the legendary minion is summoned the first time but not the times after. That would then also require the order of deathrattles to be changed when the minion is shuffled into the deck.

@LALO: Can you run some more test runs with this deck? Then after you play your first Undatakah, hover your mouse over it and note the order in which the deathrattles are shown in the popup. Then, after it dies and resummons itself, hover again and once more note the order. Keep doing that every time, and also note whether or not a minion was summoned every time. If possible, play with an addon that records games to and share the links so that the games can be reveiwed in more detail (though that site does not allow others to do the hovering I asked you to do).
There are couple of posts about similar problem.

In my experience, any deathrattle added(by Dah Undatakah's battlecry) before the Immortal Prelate's DR doesn't preserved when it dies.
It does written in Enchantment tiles but doesn't have any effect.

Dah Undatakah gained two Plated Beetle's DR and Immortal Prelate's DR when it fisrt played(in Beetle-Beetle-Prelate order).
After it died and played again, it gained 3 Plated Beetle's DR.(in the SS above)
However, as you can see in second one, only 3 Plated Beetle's DR(gained from second play) triggered.
(You can check it more clearly if you use various deathrattles rather than just a Beetle's DR)

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