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that's essentially what this tavern brawl is. A time consuming and flashy flip a coin generator. So why exactly do we need to play this instead of just flipping a coin for our pack?
I agree entirely. I've lost around 8 in a row now all because I'm either destroying my own minions or inflicting damage on myself, while my opponents pull amazing moves. this tavern brawl was !@#$! Blizzard - dont be so damn lazy!
Dont play it then?? I think this brawl is hilarious, and open up for a ton of crazy !@#$:)
02/09/2019 02:51 PMPosted by Jef
Dont play it then?? I think this brawl is hilarious, and open up for a ton of crazy !@#$:)

Agreed! As someone who just got back to HS after years without playing, the "normal" gameplay is absolutely overwhelming. I don't have any decks and I don't know what anything does. I've tried a standard deck recipe in ranked and I was just annhiliated by tons of fancy stuff. This brawl lets me just play without any setup and grind gold for arena keys without facing people with tons of cards I have no idea how to counter.

The decks from each class are random and change a bit each game, as well, so it's a great way to expose myself to all the new cards.

I have like 31 wins so far. Been playing it a lot! My advice is:

- Focus on throwing down low-cost minions early game to get crazy effects
- Don't focus a lot on waveclear. A lot of the random effects will clear the board
- Don't get invested in your minions. They will change and die and more will be summoned
- Hit the enemy hero unless a minion is REALLY scary
- If you are behind, go for multiple small cards instead of one big cost card to trigger more random effects to help
- Attack before playing cards if you have strong minions which can hit the enemy hero
- Play cards before attacking if your attack won't do significant damage. You might get a boardclear or upgrade
- Adjust your strategy as the game progresses - for example, if the enemy hero gets some random effects which make them draw a ton and you have sustain, hold out for fatigue

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