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I wish we had a feature in this game where we can send cards to friends in exchange for your cards of the same rarity. For example, if a person is building a deck of mage and is incomplete of Jaina and a friend of yours has it you can prob give him a card like Rexxar or such in exchange for Jaina. I think this would be a cool feature and would be a save of arcane dust and a save of time looking for a certain card.
This has been suggested before, and some players argue that it is way susceptible to being exploited (I'm with them btw). Like using alt accounts for example. Blizz gives out free packs, legendary card when new expansion is released; there is the first-10-pack-legendary-rule; you can make multiple alt accounts. Now connect the dots. Anyone can make multiple alt accounts, get their free packs/legendary, pop each expansion packs to get the first-10-pack legendary, trade with their main account to replace every under-performing/subpar legendary.

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