Large amount of bots?

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Is anyone else noticing a large amount of bots playing the game right now? Just played 4 games in a row against players playing the same basic card deck with names that were random numbers and letters.....
No... you must be ranked low or playing casual
yep. its like that for some time
I have an alt account on US where I only do 'play X cards' dailies in Wild Casual and about 75 % of my games are against bots.

I started encountering them about two months ago. Strange thing is that if they wouldn't win by turn 5-6, they just disconnected (perhaps system kicked them out)? Then I didn't face any bots for a few weeks. Now they are back and not disconnecting anymore.
Not really.

Normally, the only time I see a lot of "bots" is when I face a mech deck.
The game is arguably ALL bots - the decks that are overpowered are so easy to play that there may was well be a "bot" piloting it since the amount of brain required is hardly measurable. So, yeah.... lots of bots, per se.

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