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What survivors of the Classic set could get Hall of Famed (+ Unnerfed) this time around?


From a "gameplay perspective":

- Naturalize: while Druid has lost its evergreen ramping factor and has since found its niche as disruptor/annoying OTK ("great choices", Blizzard) this thing has seen play in way too many builds and has become a powerhouse of a 1 Mana given how the game has evolved; this should totally join Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance and Conceal (and to an extent Coldlight Oracle) in the HoF.

Either that or ...

- Nourish (unnerfed): it might be too soon, however, nerfing Wild Growth and Nourish felt like an unnecessary nerf for the time, if not a mistake: not only Hunters came out like fungus, losing another class with the potential of keeping it in check, but Druid had its Ramping strategy crippled and all for the most debatable reasons: Big Druid has been perhaps the "fairiest" among the annoying builds Druid has been sporting since KotFT release and plenty of people would probably enjoy playing it properly once again(in Wild, perhaps);

In return, Druid could get some "fair" form of ramping as replacements;

- Mountain Giant: another thing which escalated with the introduction of Lifesteal/Healing and value generators for alot of slower builds, mostly Warlock, which made this thing cheatable early in the game more often than not; unlike Sea Giant, which encourages a more "board-focused play", this does not; the player can opt to play nothing or generate value until turn 3-4-5 and drop this for its massive stats; yeah; with the introduction of Genn, it got even more obnoxious;

From a "game design perspective":

- Leeroy Jenkins: this one feels abit controversial: while this auto include for most aggressive has always been a good finisher, it has also had its share of comboes focused around it; similarly to how Sylvanas got sent to the Hall of Fame back with Un'Goro release as the new sets were supposed to introduce quite alot of Deathrattle support and deemed her effect too powerful, I suppose it will mostly depend on what Blizzard is planning for the upcoming expansions; however, it also feels quite similar to Azure Drake in that almost every single Aggressive build will add this so it could receive the "overly included Classic" treatment;

- Malygos (changed artwork to actually represent Malygos): the whole idea behind Malygos is OTK comboes; it has been the same thing with 98% of the builds playing it since its release; similarly to Ice Block and Ice Lance getting a Hall of Fame treatment, as for deterring/altering the "Stalling" and "Freeze" builds of Mage respectively, it is mostly meant to change up the game plan for some classes, removing its "repetitive" concept of OTK (nowadays, said classes are Rogue, Druid and Priest);

I'm keeping Scavenging Hyena as a honorable mention.
Hall of fame AND unnerf? Oof, toughie. So many ideas, bad and good.

For one, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ancient of Lore and Keeper of the Grove unnerfed. Ancient of Lore was considered too high draw for Druid, and that car draw wasn’t their “identity”, but honestly the card, while good, did not teeter into overpowered territory at all and was basically only killed because Druid had Force+Savage at the time. Also, I really miss Keeper of the Grove - Druid has limited early removal options, so Keeper was often used for its 2 damage ping against aggro, with Silence being a backup against some taunt setups (though it was almost useless against minions like Piloted Shredder, and was worse than Spellbreaker when used for Silencing); somewhere, they decided that Silence should have a higher value, and cut the health by 2 - so if you used it for damage, you paid the penalty of the “silence nerf”, but without actually getting anything back for it.

Okay, now for the “bad” idea, Warsong Commander. This card was nerfed in a hugely unfair way: it was used in Patron Warrior to give both Patrons as well as Frothing Berserkers charge, letting it OTK with 20+ damage Frothings. However, instead of removing charge from minions that broke 3 attack like Frothing, they just decided to make Warsong into a card so bad that even classic vanilla minions beat it. It was a great example of a card that needed to be slightly adjusted, and got crushed instead. Apparently, granting Charge to anything was considered limiting of design space, though I’ve yet to see them release a 3 attack minion that would be “too good with Charge”. Limiting the charge to 3 or less attack minions would have been fine, and allowed Patron to still be playable without stupid OTK potential. I want to see this card nerfed the way it SHOULD have been nerfed, then Hoffed.
Regarding Warsong Commander why not go back to how it originally worked with Rush rather then charge? (Heck the warrior Charge is Rush in all but name) If that is still too powerful throw in 'minons cannot attack hero'.

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