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Like really you are doing nerfs based around this guy... its horrible it really is yep... bliz never getting another dime from me for any game.
Why nerf Baku when it's the signature card of Year of the Raven.

Just like Old Gods and Jade/Kazakus/Reno were signature cards of Year of the Kraken. Blizzard didn't nerf all the Old Gods or every Kazakus/Jade deck.

Quests and DK were signature cards of Year of Mammoth.

Nerfing Baku or Genn into unplayable won't happen anytime soon. He is going to Wild and maybe then there is nerf is coming, but Wild don't care about it...
Because Baku has single handedly screwed the balance of the game that all cards are being nerfed or changed just to deal with this card... Equality got bumped up 2 because making it 3 TADA spawning 2 1/1's and getting equality now OP...

Oh hey we made a card for 1 more that makes everything 1/1 requires no combo card.

So yeah so many things are broken with baku and some classes get jack squat out of him.. and there is no real punishment. Maybe if he required only a certain set could be played with him but no he gets 6 expansions to play with... no real restriction there.
02/04/2019 03:51 PMPosted by Warsong
Just like Old Gods and Jade/Kazakus/Reno were signature cards of Year of the Kraken

except it was fun playing unpredictable Yog, see toast playing yog when he had won at a tornament was some searious fun boring yog 2.0 cards are all preprogrammed to each everything you played.

the slower C'thun fun that required you to actually build a card from 6 all the way up.

a fun death rattle deck that isn't based around cheating minions out every turn that require immediate answers.

weasel dr priest was more fun than any of the garbage they got going on right now.

also lore, who even is baku? I know the old gods but type baku into wowhead and it shows some random vendor in warlords

might as well call Raven year of the trashcan
Hakkar Priest is the new Weasel Priest.

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