Worst customer service ever!!!

Mac Technical Support
Been waiting for a response for a week now, i have been stuck on the door loading screen and i have tried everything i have read on forums. im On a mid 2012 macbook pro osx 10.11.6 If you need to look at my account you have permission. If someone would please help that would mean the world i have been waiting for a long time!
A response from Support Agents is not guaranteed on the forums, Astrokidd23. I apologies over the frustrating issue, though as you've had this issue occur for the past few days.

It's important to note, the forums are intended to be a place for the community to communicate and help each other, as well as a place for us to gather and communicate over issues that we see massively impacting others like connection issues and so on.

In the case of Hearthstone getting stuck on the Title Screen is generally due to, let's try and resolve it following these steps:

This can be related to account related issues with the country of residence or if the account hasn't set a Security Question or BattleTag.

If you'd want to guarantee a response, opening a case by contacting Customer Support is will guarantee a response. - If you choose the Live Chat option, please do not close the window for the chat as this will abandon the case.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope this helps! Otherwise, our Customer Support team can assist further!

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