Psychic Screamed 3x in a game

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Wow that was an incredibly annoying and long drawn out game. You think players want to be stuck in super long games against decks that can just delay things so easily? Please don't make another BS card like shadow visions.
Only 3x? Many times I get 4 or 5x with Shadow Visions and that 2 mana discover a spell with a dragon in hand.
You're going to run into it every now and then. I love playing control priest it's just part of the meta right now. There's always some cards in the meta that seem annoying but it's just part of the game
I just beat a recruit warrior because of Psychic Scream haha. If that card didnt exist priest would barely have a viable deck. Sure a mass hysteria is good too, but when your opponent gets a lich king turn 6 and oondasta and armani war bear turn 7....then yeah im glad i have a Psychic Scream. Or else the game would've been done. I came back from 10 health.
Best thing to do is play around it. Or be happy you got those minions back. A lot of times I use it at least one of the cards I screamed gets top decked.
some decks refill board so easy it dorsnt feel l8ke 3 is enough!
You think that is bad, try playing against a priest that is able to copy Reno Jackson 3 times in one game. Nothing like dealing 60 damage in a single game and still losing haha.

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