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With Malygos and the zero-cost spells, this could be extremely powerful, if you ever got the chance to use the combo. But, four games in, I haven't gotten anywhere close yet.

Dying way too early to the shrines that continuously buff or lower the cost of minions.

Learning curve on the mage feels pretty steep. Obviously, the key is controlling the board with freezes and strategic minion trades until you have enough spells and spell multipliers to OTK. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Anybody mastered this one?
Finally got a win. Aainst a hunter, so that was less me, more him having a lame shrine. Still didn't get to use that combo.
OK, think I've got this figured out, more or less.

Mage is extremely powerful this Brawl, if you do it right. Malygos is not the lynchpin I thought it was, though it's nice when you can pull it off.

Early game, you're looking to attack the opponent's shrine, if it's a powerful one, while protecting your own shrine and mitigating damage to your hero somewhat. Let him build board presence while you delay, delay, delay.

Don't worry about going to the opponent's face.

Use Frostbolt, Glacial Shard, and other small spells and minions to hit his shrine and keep his minions off yours. But do not use Frost Nova for this purpose.

Let him hit your face, if it means protecting your shrine. You aren't playing a long game here. Just keep an eye out so you don't take too much damage too quickly.

Go ahead and use your zero cost damage spells in early game to ping his shrine and for defense. Don't worry about trying to save them. However, don't use them to finish off low-attack minions. Leave those guys on the board.

You're looking to have Glyph Guardian and Frost Nova in hand by turn 7/8 with your shrine either still alive or just coming back. Other than those two cards, your hand should be as empty as possible.

You want him to have a full board. He might even have lethal for next turn, but that's OK. His turn is not gonna come.

Throw down Glyph Guardian, then play Frost Nova. The nova will freeze his minions and give you a zero-cost 1 damage spell for each one. The Glyph Guardian will gain +1 spell damage for every one of his minions.

Each one of those zero-cost spells will end up doing about 5-6 damage and you will have 5-6 of them. Ping, ping, ping til he dies.

That's it.

There is a similar combo you can do with Malygos, but you have to survive until later in the game and will need to have several of the zero-cost 1 damage spells in hand. Late game survival is difficult against several of the decks in this brawl.

This deck also has Archmage Antonidas, so if you play him while you have a bunch of the zero-cost spells, you will end up with a whole bunch of Fireballs. Again, you have to survive longer and lethal will take at least a couple of turns after you play Antonidas.

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