Who actually likes playing against hunter?

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I don't mind, i just play this game for fun mostly and i don't really care about the meta or anything, so hunter has never really bothered me.
I honestly don’t understand the complaints...
The entire class revolves around being as interactive as possible. Besides secrets(which benefit the Hunter player if you pop said secrets so just don’t pop them until your ready to) it also stops them from playing additional secrets.
Beast synergy is easily countered, compared to say elemental synergy. Elementals rely on playing them on the previous turn compared to making a beast stick on the board.

What that means is Hunters as a class relies on their opening to take board control to get value out of their beast synergy. If this doesn’t happen they don’t have the tools to take the board back. Or keep up with card advantage.
I get the frustration I really do but I would take facing 50 hunters than facing a Priest who doesn’t do anything for 5 turns besides playing a Shadow Visions. Plays mass hysteria on 5 then does nothing until turn 7 then plays scream. While not paying mana for his 6 minions in his deck, just relying on spells to cheat out said minions. Completely non interactive gameplay.
That is the epitome of poor gameplay.
If I’m playing Baku I beat Hunter easy peasy.

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