Counterspell is the only card with the keyword "Counter"

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More cards like this please. More combo breakage in the form of neutrals in standard would be nice to have, at a bare minimum.
Counter is a keyword that’s hard to put on anything but a secret (which are class specific), but here’s my best attempt at making a a neutral counter card.

2 mana 0/2
Counter the next spell played, this minion then dies.

Its basically works just like the secret, but the cost goes down to 2 since you can just kill the minion with another minion to “deactivate” it.
I'm pretty optimistic about getting a new Dirty Rat in the next expansion. Wonder if we'll see any new kind of tech cards.
I don't see why Counter would be hard to put on a card. It would be very simple to have a minion with an effect like "Counter the first Spell the turn player (including you) plays in a turn"
Counter Attack
Type: Warrior Specific Spell
Cost: 3
Quality: Epic
Effect: Plays all of your opponent's minions that are in their hand and then forces all enemy minions to attack your hero. They take damage equal to the attack of your weapon.

Something like that?

Edit: Made it 3 cost to synergise with Gorehowl.

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