layoffs ahead at Activision Blizzard

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02/15/2019 09:23 AMPosted by n25philly
02/12/2019 03:09 PMPosted by Silverangel
Yeah, news wasn't bad for Hearthstone today in the earnings report, afaik.

"Hearthstone needs more TLC." - Brandon Ross, game industry analyst featured on CNBC

TLC? It's needs someone remotely competent to come in a try and fix this disaster. Everyone is saying wait for the rotation, what about the insulting stupid and broken crap that won't be getting the boot in this rotation? The game is going to be !@#$ for a long time.

Given that Hearthstone Wild Open appears to be a thing this wait until it rotates into wild it doesn't really fix the problems with the cards or their interactions.

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