Do you get tilted very easily?

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For me its not a loss that tilts me its more the way that I lost.if my druid opponent destroy all my minions and replaced it with treants then cast spreading plague next turn I am tilted.

If a priest resurrect the same minion several times a game I am tilted.I play poorly as a result.But I dont mind losing to warrior,rogue or mage.

Do you get tilted easily what tilts you?
1. Yes, I get tilted easily. I get tilted by alot of thing but mostly about my poor luck with mulligan, card draw, etc.
2. Thus, I play lesser
3. But when I play lesser, I don't get tilted anymore.
4. So I start playing again.
5. Go back to point 1

The RNG tilts me, that and Tier decks farming in Casual. Roping them however relaxes me. I figure if the AI design or some farmer is going to pooch me - meh - I got Netflix, TV, Twitch, play a side game - and kinds of things I can do while the program runs it course. I don't Play ranked cause I know its just a percentages + time(squared) / [decks + cards owned] = X where X is final rank.
I don't really get tilted so much with hearthstone, but defianlty FPS games like CS.

If you are getting tilted in games i'd take a break. When you enter a new game while still angry from the last you can make very silly mistakes. I've missed countless lethals, and made silly plays because of this.

Just got to treat the game as peaks and valleys, some times RNG isn't with you, sometimes you high roll perfect draws and steamroll your oponent.

But when the fun stops, stop. There is no point playing a game you actively don't enjoy playing while hunting for a win. Countless games have made me hate them (CS:GO) from me grinding the game trying to get a win while just getting more and more tilted in the process.
I played tournament poker heavily for ten plus years...not much tilts me anymore :)
Sometimes, yes.

Usually it's by poor draw rng on my part than anything else, however the extend to which things tilt me can be grossly exacerbated by how hungry or sleepy I am. Playing when I'm deep into either of those states is generally not a good idea for me.
I'm not a person who gets tilted easily (played both Overwatch and CS:GO on a pretty high level for a long time and I would rarely ever get tilted even if I lost) but for some reason Hearthstone tilts me very easily. I'm guessing it's because very often it feels like there was nothing you could do to win the game or the opponent pulls a win out of nowhere with ridiculous rng and for some reason it really gets to me. This is the main reason I only climbed to legend once, I climb to ranks 3-1 nearly every season but when I'm close to legend losing is just devastating for me and I end up quitting for the month every time. Even today I was having a pretty good time with the new deathrattle rogue, climbed to rank 3 and then just a couple of very one sided games were enough to make me not want to play anymore (a secret paladin playing his secretkeeper after playing a secret on turn 2 and still destroying me was the last straw).
No, I used to get more tilted back when I cared more about the game
No other game tilts me like Hearthstone.

Other games have their moments, multiplayers with bad groups, dying to rng, glitches, tricky puzzles after a long day, but it's a little frustration in the moment and you pick yourself up within a few minutes. Not even tcg's tilt me as badly as HS.

Hearthstone is the only game where legitimate advice for losing a few games is to stop playing entirely, go for a walk and find something relaxing to calm down before going back to it, otherwise your concentration is shattered. Climbing ladder is like a battle against your own tilt and frustration. You put so much effort in and can be crushed 10 times in a row without a chance. You even see the calmest, hardcore streamers tilt to HS nowadays. It's a big reason why I no longer play.
I rarely give a damn any more, maybe I am just in a happier place mentally than before but anyway..thought I would mention this as although it was the height of rudeness it did also make me chuckle...

Yesterday I got the play a friend for 80g quest and having answered a couple of need friend post on the forums I thought I would give someone a go who I hadn't played before. He roped me almost the entire game. Initially I didn't notice as I had just got in from work and was making coffee but then I was like "What on earth?? I invite the dude for 80g and he is ROPING ME?" Cue mad laughter, could not believe my eyes. I mean....really?

So no, I barely bat an eyelid these days, apart from the above which is frankly amazing, since most people try the same weak stuff I have seen 1000s of times before, gold frames notwithstanding. The game lacks the power to surprise and again, apart from the above, so do the players for the most part.
Caring less and less by the day as I hate the direction of the game but yea, I get tilted. It’s always been love/Hate with HS because it has many contentious card mechanics and pretty troll-heavy player base. I stopped playing Mages, Priests and Rogues long ago because of the burn, card copy, and deck/hand manipulation. Hell, someone pays a Mind Control Expert on me and I’m out and won’t ever play them again.
Wanting (and achieving) good results in poker has kind of forced tilt out of my system. There are times where I get frustrated and annoyed but I know that means I might make bad decisions and will do a quick quest in D2 (Median XL mod) or play 15-20 minutes of Beholder.
Wild player here...

The only thing that titls me is queuing into a big priest especially when they have such skill and do the 200 IQ play that is barnes on 4 (or 3 with coin)

I even got tilted writting this, damn you OP >:(

Edit: there's another thing that titlts me and that is everytime a new rogue spell is revealed, all of them have to be !@#$ because of prep
1) Draw RNG. Namely, when opponent keeps topdecking answers or has all of their answers in first 10 cards.

Just watched Starladder tournament two days ago where Toggwaggle Druid was playing against some aggro class. In first 13 cards he found both Swipes, both Spellstones, both Spreading Plagues. Like, come on?

It's unreasonable and paranoid to play around second Brawl if your opponent just played one and only drew 5 cards, but BAM and there it is - second Brawl like a charm.

In that respect I really liked the snarky comment of Ukranian casters: Hunter finds his only copy of Keleseth by turn two while Even Warlock who can tap for 1 mana can't find any of his two Mountain Giants in first 15 cards. That's your typical Hearthstone, ladies and gentlemen.

2) When my opponent makes obvious mistakes, but the game just doesn't punish them because they are playing busted deck or because their deck hard counters mine.
On League of Legends I do and am notorious for allchatting any and everything when I feel someone got lucky. On HS not really. but if there WERE a chat....
Everytime my opponent gets 2 psy scream and 2 mass hysteria in like 10 cards or kele on curve or god start I get tilted.
Keleseth on 2
Odd rogue coin fledgling on 2.
Firefly on turn 1 in EVERY deck in existence.
I get tilted by the horrible rng.
I see the same results over and over again and can't believe how there aren't hundreds of topics about this already (f.e. me seeing the same death knight card being generated in my hand 50-60% of the time).

I also get tilted by rng-involved decisions that really are just unlucky (my board being full and my enemie's sylv of course snatching my best minion a.s.o..
Another is dire mole razormaw on curve from every funter u play in a day
02/24/2019 03:13 AMPosted by Urza
Another is dire mole razormaw on curve from every funter u play in a day

Seriously one of the lamest exploitable tactics in the game. I'll do everything I can lose to exact lethal 1 turn from killing them after playing every possible control tool available perfectly and would've been in the clear. And/or I don't draw control and its just auto-win for them. I do enjoy when they don't draw mole and play razor just to get it cleared and watch them struggle and die and look weak tho. Coin differential is strong there.

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