Do you get tilted very easily?

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It is extremely hard to get me tilted... about a game at any rate. So that includes Hearthstone. So no I don't get tilted easily playing ^^
I get tilted if RNGsus starts being too obvious. Like when you draw bloodlust the turn after a board clear, you get antonidas as the last card in your deck 5 games in a row, draw patches as your first turn draw, arcane missiles that dodge all 7 of your minions for lethal. You know, the little things. Then again I run Yogg druid a lot in wild ladder so...
Just lost to an Odd control warrior with my homebrew hakkar warrior deck. Controlled the match completely and was 1 turn away from winning comfortably (16hp vs 60 odd hp/arm) when he got hemet from the elise pack and removed all the corrupted bloods from his deck. I'd say this was a 1 in million upset but RNG BS like this happens all the time. Full tilt achieved.
By hearthstone no, by other games sometimes. I really like Rainbow Six Siege i’m level 150 i’ve played the game for hours on end. But people who play that game get so toxic at times that it stresses me out so I just stop playing.
What tilts me is an opponent that has a clear every turn for my board, and does F all on their side of the board (so my removals are clogging my hand, and then to top it off I overdraw Hagatha as well)
I get tilted when I DC in a winning game and come back with a screen. You lost your last rank game due to DC.
yes and no.

I don't get tilted if I get really outplayed, if the opponent keeps that mind control just for a game shattering turn, good job, I smile and respect you, well played.

However, if some garbage 0.0001% rng makes me lose the game, oof, the house is too small to contain me.

The worst offender of this must have been a warrior that played weaponized pinata in arena. I was 11-2 in the run and about to get lethal next turn. He traded weaponized pinata into my void lord (not killing it), got a Lilian voss from it (rogue card, changes spells in your hand into spells of opponents class). he got two soulfires from it (which did not discard eachother of course, but the third card in his hands) and killed me for exact 8 damage lethal. in one turn he got a rogue card and two warlock cards. 'class inditification' sure....

I can't think of another way of him winning that match, and the chances were so tiny....was just garbage.

yeah buddy, you must be really proud of your win *rolls eyes*.

/rant over
Unfortunately, yes. I am a sore loser. And I don't care what deck I lost to or how. It always sucks. Especially those matches that I realize I could have won if I did something differently.
I used to get tilted super easily.
Most of it was about the logical argument "nonmeta is harder, factually, the cards are harder, weaker, so playing those intentionally is playing on expert difficulty as if this is an NES game".

Now i just stopped caring. 99 pt 9 percent play meta, i personally think that's sad, but i should just be glad i can see though that shallow way to play without even trying to make hard cards work somewhat. If youre new, sure nonmeta is just-fine. Or if the expansion is just-fresh and unknown, meta is unpredictable. this is like 2-3 weeks max.

Howevs i get tilted by couple decks atm:
Cast Shadowstep on your Coldlight Rogue....wait for Brann and Spirit...and blow up your opponent's deck on like Turn 10-sharp. Minions don't counter this strat, or OTK, unless its super-aggro and they blank. I think this is the strongest deck in the game sides Dire Mole face connection Hunter or Baku Uther ewww.

Wild Big Priest.'re effectively innervating a Rag/LK/Kel or innervate + 1 Statue or dub-innervating Y'saarj on T6. Unlike old Druids, these aren't 1-time spikes. What a game.

Kirin Tor Mage Secret Mage
T-1 2/1 + innervate + 1 secret.
And/or KTM + innervate + 1 + secret.
Counterspell v Runes v Potion of Poly.
What a game. Sound like Wild Big Priest...cheating out mana early...

Voidcaller Warlocks
T5 Malganis / Doom

There's other examples, i guess i don't like non-druid mana cheat out.
It's sooo overpowered. Shaman's Eureka f/e is not-overpowered at all.

Recruit at least takes deckbuilding to think of.
mana cheat is like...super-highrolly and game-ending right there.
If mana cheat took-work like say Summoning Portal...that's balanced enough.

Also, like above.
Dire Mole face-Hunter.
It's not even about counting damage...its about hitting face every time and it usually works out. It used to be more limited and about counting damage.
02/23/2019 06:36 AMPosted by HappyFeet

Do you get tilted easily what tilts you?

What tilts me is the loads of unstoppable combos in the game... So many opponents play a deck that is build for just 1 basic strategy and kills you within the same turn, regardless of your board and heroes health.

These decks can be made for Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Hunter and Druid, probably for even more heroes as well.

I don't mind losing when it's been a good game, but can't take it when there's nothing you can do at all to prevent it.
Can't see how someone can enjoy playing such a deck, lets stand playing against it...
The only thing that really, really brings my piss to a boil is when I add two of a same card, let's say Hex, and they never show up. I know my enemy is going to play his big !@# card that will destroy me, it's beyond obvious, yet the Hex never comes.
And of course, next game I'll get paired against a Baku Paladin and get both Hex in my opening hand. Even if I mulligan them, they will be drawn almost instantly, while my 6 taunt minions get buried in the bottom of the deck.

Stuff like that is just way too infuriating and makes you feel like if the game is rigged somehow.
For sure...especially because emotes. For some unknown reason the devs flat out Refuse to add an autosquelch feature.. it’s such a simple change no doubt. And no, “it’s not simply right click your opponent”.

Also, decks like bigpriests..decks that are way too easy to pilot for the being as overpowered as they are.
Not as much as before.
Once I feel my salt-concentration affect my blood pressure, I take a break or simply stop playing.
It has become some kind of automated mechanism.
Decks that get me to that point?
Usually Big Priest and Mill Rogue.
Beyond that: Facing the same deck, over and over again.
Last night, 8 games in a row were against midrange hunter.
In Wild, of all places. Around rank 8.
Standard is very predictable and not very tilting for me.

Arena makes my blood boil though.
whenever "Windows is not responding"
funny story, this season from 25-5 i wasnt tilted at all.
but for whatever reason friday, saturday and sunday, i had some stupid plan to try and get to legend, and so when things went poorly i was tilted AF. fast forward to yesterday, i had all but given up the notion of getting any higher in rank, and was just laughing at the game and low and behold boom rank 4.
then i quit for the night

i think the things that tilt me are answers, when people have an answer every single turn for every card i play, seems to have happened a lot in rank 5 more than other ranks, and its really annoying. it sometimes feels like kids are god drawing
against me, but that could be the tilt.

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