Turn 1 Call of the Wild

Tavern Brawl Discussion
worst brawl
Tell me about it.

I tried to strategize, but somehow it doesn't matter.

Opponent gets Aluneth and Academic Espionage. Spam like crazy and never punished. I get Catalycysm every time I get more hand.

Another round. Opponent keeps getting random summons and buffs. I keep getting direct damage to the face.

Not fun to have to lose 3-4 times in a row just so you can win from a ridiculous RNG such as opponent getting Astral Communion.
I randomly played Myra's Unstable Element on the first turn and burned my deck. Random got me that time.
played the shaman legend that plays next spell twice. got the +2/+6 taunt stegadon buff with deathrattle summon stegadon twice on my healing totem. Next turn opponent plays deathwing. my turn get that void spell kills all minions……...ah well. win some lose some.
Turn 1 Cloning gallery into sylvanas and questing adventurer, so much fun

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