I am bad at this game

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Serious-bad. I win maybe.... 1 game out of ten. MAYBE. It's so much fun, though! I guess I'm just making this thread for advice... on how to not-suck lol. I've experimented with those... what do you callem, the imported deck things with meh luck. I can't work so have no cash for card packs, so I lack a lot of fancy cards. Ideas?
Unfortunately it can take a while free playing to get your card range up. but events like this one to give you more free decks for cards / dust are great. The longer you just hang in you suddenly just find you have a much better range of cards and get more duplicates for dust to craft what you need.

Play the tavern brawls more to learn the cards and to get better and strategically thinking and planning forward. You should also get a better win rate. Though that is on the weeks when they give you a deck / you don't have to build one with what you've got unfortunately.
It might sound cliché but try to find a deck that you really feel like playing constantly. A favourite so to speak. And then focus on that deck.

Recognizing what the opponents game play is gonna be (otk, aggro/tempo, control or whatnot) is also crucial. Lot of things come over time and experience.
Play arena, its mainly based on individual card strength and board control rather than combos and zoo decks and consistent OP spell decks...though if youre new, 150 is tough, just grind on quests and start getting good at arena to make money

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