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I don't know if anyone realises, but after a few months of scouting and testing and research on my part, I have found that the Hearthstone system has a few flaws in it. First: When a player uses echo and their turn ends they can continue to use that echo even after it's your turn.
Second: When your playing against opponents the chance of you getting good cards to play at the beginning of your turn is maybe 35% if your playing someone who has more time played or more cards in the collection. Also if they have played and gotten most of their Heroes to level 60 your odds against them are reduced.
Third: If your playing against someone who has golden heroes then your chances against them are reduced to 25% to 30% of getting good cards to use, by this I mean low cost cards in the opening draw or even when you rechoose cards to play.
Fourth: 8 out of 10 times your likely to get high cost cards that you can't use right away and when you discard them you get another high cost card, then when it's your turn to actually draw the high card you discarded is the first draw you get which in this instance is of no use for five or six turns. Which is no help seeing as your percentage is already lowered due to factors mentioned above. I'm not complaining mind you this is something I took months to investigate and so far it has been true for a number of players I have conversed with. I hope Blizzard will look into this. Good Gaming all. Peace out.

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