Mandatory quest impossible to do

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Hello, I'm coming back after months of absences. I have a quest to achieve impossible to do. I have to play with Lunara that I do not have and the quest is obligatory (it is golden). Can we cancel it?
There never was a quest that involved playing Lunara. Do you mean: win X games in standard? The reward of that quest would be Lunara. If you have doubts, please post a screenshot.
Lunara quest doesn't ask you to win games with Lunara portrait. It's asking you to simply win 10 games in Standard play with any class, any deck you want. Once you complete the quest, you can choose Lunara portrait/skin over Malfurion as your druid portrait.

If somehow you're unable to finish this quest, try to finish the return player quests first, which should be around 3 chain quests. I heard they can cause progression issue, not getting event quest/reward, etc.

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