Shaman 2/20 Brawl

Tavern Brawl Discussion
Haven't played the Shaman hero this brawl, but have played against them a bunch. Seems like pretty weak sauce, so far.

Shrine dies easy, and with overload, the opponent basically ends up sitting out every other turn, seems like.

Don't think I've been beaten by one yet. Anyone picking up any consistent wins with Shaman?
The deck can grow ridiculously out of control starting mid-game. But yeah, the Shrine's 2 health limits the deck far too much: if it had 5 health or so the deck would actually be pretty great.
Against the priest it stands no chance to stay up.
Shaman deck can get lethal out of nowhere and can build crazy boards fast. Its power turn is 6+ whenever the shrine revives and you have Rain of Toads. Often times the other decks can't fully clear that board and you just do 30+ damage next turn.
Just played a shaman who played Keleseth on his first turn: +3 to all minions in the deck. Yeah, see ya...

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