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Theres been discussion going around asking people what would get them to play more. Well here is what would make me enjoy the game more.

Today I opened a pack and got a golden legendary...... for a class i never play in a deck type i will never own. Most would be like "sick you opened a legendary of your choice" but all i could think of was "my friend would love this card i wish i could trade it to him.

So i would love to see the ability to exchange cards. With our friends at the very least. It would allow for more community interaction. I could give the cards i dont want, but my friends want to them, and vise versa. Thats half the joy of a physical card game. You got a bunch of old cards you have laying around in a box that youll never use, give it to a friend to help them get into the game and have a starting point.
Gonna keep this very short sorry.
Hearthstone will get even more fake free accounts just for your idea.

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