bigpriest actually beatable?

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There's actually a lot more "Summon 1-2 cost minion for your opponent" than I realized. I made a PLD deck with mostly these types of minions, of course I never see res priest when playing it but, these are "tech" for res priest mechanics. 5/4 3 mana summon a 2/1 poison for your opponent, then kill it off with a 1/1 token. 2/3 1 mana cost deathrattle summon 0/3 taunt for your opponent, leroy summons 2x 1/1s, 5/8 rush summon 2x 2/1's for your opponent.

These are actually really good cards to run in any aggro/token/control deck because the negative effect is balanced by increased power of the actual cards, running tokens you can pick and choose when to summon minions for your opponent when you can kill them or intentionally summon tokens to get them to 4+ minions and steal 1 for 3 mana.

Here's an example; don't judge my deck just slapped it together and been trying different things out to test.
I see a lot as token druid

Loatheb works wonders,
hopefully into a next turn into silence or burst

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