February 2019 Balance Update - Feedback Thread

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Greetings everyone,

We have just put up a post in regards to balance updates. Please see the link below for more information.


Please use this thread for feedback and discussion.

Thank you!
Looks like its going to be Prieststone now the least nerfed of all the current meta decks.
Wow rip equality
- RIP flame tongue totem. Still usable, but good bye Even Shaman.

- Equality seems a bit off, but a full board clear with pyromancer for 4 mana was a bit too good. I would have argued for three mana, but that's because I play Odd Paladin and I'm biased like that.

- Cold Blood was a fair nerf. Too easy to combo. Hits Odd Rogue in the face, but at least it gives flexibility to the class when it comes to hitting face.

- Hunters Mark only made sense with Execute Nerf two years back. I'll take it.

- Spellstone is a good nerf. 6 mana is already crowded with Hunters existing cards, and a decent 5 drop is lacking. Prevents too much curve. I also have a gold one so I'll gladly dust it.
is there a rogue card that you guys didn't nerf ? seriously ? wtf !

Now when kingsbane rotates out rogue gonna be dead.
*elongated, exasperated sigh

*Starts sliding Genn into a Hunter deck

Y'know what? I can't do it lol.

Midrange Healadin shall carry on!!!
Shaman has no other consistently viable deck other than Even Shaman....and it's not exactly tearing up the ladder, so what's the point of the Flametongue nerf?
why so much nerf,this is 2nd big one this expansion.

Hunter still good i think.
Its a really big hit for paladin (lol..)
I don't know what to say, just terrible.

Equality is the worst nerf.

Ok, so... the pally board clear costs 8 now, 4 equality, 4 conc, just like twisting nether! So thats fair!

Wrong. Pally needs to draw 2 cards to clear the enemy and reduces his own minions to 1 health. Just terrible Blizzard. Just make an 8 mana card and combine them.

And Flametonge? Terrible.

Edit: Then nerf the PYROMANCER! (to the people citing pyro as "the reason")
Happy odd rogue an even shaman got hit. Spellstone too for Hunters, an lol Pallys. Good targets.
just nerf deathstalker rexxar and baku, please! Stop nerfing commons/basics to dodge dust refunds for god's sake.
Man.. another Shaman nerf...?

Or is this a subtle way for Odd Shaman to shine?
Why equality? You can argue it was too strong but it's a two card combo that's a huge drawback.

I guess there is more room for new board clears but now Paladin has to rely on expansions for board clears and in some classes they dont get those board clears (Just like with Priests and their bad basic set).

I dont like how basic/classic sets are being nerfed like this. It is honestly hurting a lot of classes and destroying class identities (Warrior suffered at one time, Shaman suffered aswell, Druid is now essentially dead).

I dont like where this is heading.
Ho. Ly. Crap.

I didn't believe they would actually do it this close to the rotation. Some of the nerfs are quite surprising. Seems like they were mostly aiming certain Odd and Even deck.

And Hunters because apparently Hunters are not allowed to have a good time. :(

Well, I actually don't mind the nerfs on Hunter's Mark and Emerald Spellstone too much. Still seem playable.
They even said that it was to nerf classic and basic cards this time because they want the new cards to see play.


Can we just rotate it?

Obs: hunters are far from dead.
Man first shudderwock, now even, blizzard is not loving shaman this expansion.
I've been laddering with Odd Pally and Odd Rogue for the past few months; say what you will, they both are (were) efficient decks. Though the recent and future nerfs have made them less efficient, I think they will still be tier one or two until rotation. We'll find something to replace Cold Blood, just like we found something to replace Level Up! Though I think February is going to be the Month of Clone Priest.
Blizzard is essentially right, that if a card is in every deck for a class, it should be changed to freshen the meta. Nerfs to Baku and Genn would break them, and why would you break something that was so obviously a fulcrum for two years of game development? So everything else has to be changed instead.
01/31/2019 10:38 AMPosted by MrPenguini
I dont like how basic/classic sets are being nerfed like this. It is honestly hurting a lot of classes and destroying class identities (Warrior suffered at one time, Shaman suffered aswell, Druid is now essentially dead).

The thing is that Basic/Classic make 1/3 of card pool in Standard on average. They cause staleness of the format and limit design space. Overall, I believe that having non-rotating Classic set was a bad idea from the start. Looking at nerfs from last 6 months that's exactly the problem designers are struggling now.

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