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I don't know what has happened but I can't get out of ranked 20 for the life of me. I keep flip-flopping win/loss and I have never EVER seen the amount of players get the cards they need since the change.

Clearly everyone is going to say this is all random, yotta yotta, the change doesn't effect card draw and all that, but it seems more rampant now that players are getting the cards they needs and I'm getting shafted after my win. I've had matches won and players are pulling cards.

I literally just lost to a Kingsbane Rogue in 5 turns because he literally pulled every single card he/she to buff the weapon, draw it again and have every pirate that benefits (or from) having a weapon equipped.

Something is off.
Post your deck please.
I started at rank 22 and went straight to rank 19 with my odd paladin. Only lost 1 match
You need to play teir one meta decks to move anywhere in ranked. So break out the cash and start winning, lol.
Yeah you have to play a good deck. Netdeck odd pallidin or secret hunter and you'll start winning. These are the only 2 decks I've seen that always draw what they need.
im no pro, i generally got to about rank 5 a few times but now im stuck at 19/20. matchmaking is horrible, I enjoy playng mech warrior which does well but gets hammered by agro, I tech against agro and I get big priest, jade druid. you just cant get anywhere.
Just play arena, its more fair
At the time I was playing a Big Priest deck. Been mixing Big Priest, Exodia Mage with some tweaks and a Deathrattle Hunter. I've managed to move up, but it hasn't been easy...and I'm not looking for easy, I'm looking for balance lol.

It's annoying that I'm finding the MOST SIMPLEST of decks to wreck me by turn 4 or 5. I just had (wish I could post picture) a Huntard played T1: Coin and Galvanizer. T2: Mechwarper then Merged Galv with a Spider Bomb. T3: Metaltooth Leaper and Annoy-o-tron and a 2nd Mechwarper. T4: Merged Zillax with 1st Mechwarper, and summoned a 2nd Metaltooth Leaper.

How does someone pull those cards? That's like lottery chances to pull that. Also with my previous comment, I'm finding SIMPLE cards just destroy bigger or more advanced decks.

A druid pulled on me yesterday, Living roots turn one, casted a Jade card turn 2 plus Pounce and Mark of the Lotus (coin), turn 3 another summoned minion followed by another Mark of the Lotus plus Savage Roar. Those are all basic cards, yet ALL PULLED at the start of the game.

Something is off. It's becoming almost like WOW where it doesn't matter about the time you put in or the skill you have, you just show up and play and get good gear, in this case easy wins. Maybe Arena is the way to go but some people pull good cards there too. There is an imbalance. Or something with the draw system. We've all had these ridiculous starts, but it's way more frequent and my Meta style decks shouldn't be crushed by turn 4 and by really BASIC decks. It's forcing you to make a basic deck. Rogues are prime examples of that, simple basic pirates Legendary weapon, game over.

Every single Kingsbane deck I have played has had the card Cavern Shinyfinder and/or Raiding Party at the start. Just saying, the odds don't add up.

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