Wow - Druid Brawl is Crazy Broken This Week

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The Druid deck in this week's brawl is some crazy stuff. It's got some 4 mana 4/6 rushing minion that if it kills anything will summon the highest attack power minion in the deck to the board. That inevitably summons a 10/10 minion that if it kills anything gives Loti +10 attack. Couple that with the Shrine power that refreshes ALL the mana crystals if the Druid gains any armor (in a deck loaded with Ferocious Howls, Oaken Summons, and the 1/1 Hero Power). Put that on top of Gonk and Bites and it's a pretty wild dynamic. Sure wish Druids had some of those tools right now. :P
I went 6 for 7 with Hexlord, I love the +spelldamage

My only loss? The above described RiGonkulous Drood
I won against this deck with Hooktusk, after stealing the Overkill: +10 attack, Ultimate Winfestation and Kun and after a 4 turn where he gets 12 Armor. This week has all the stronger shrines :P

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