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Hello, i played Hearthstone for like two years abefore and after naxx and blackrock went out.
Yesterday after so long time ive get back. Searching for new content, expansions, offers etc.

In that period, i played League of Legends. Lot of League. I was able to hit best ranks in a game, i was able to talk to game designers and i was pretty active on Riots forum.

(This is all, after things that happend on blizzcon, all the controversy about new Diablo game, new world of warcraft and HoTS. Basically after Blizzard start making huge mistakes in no time.)

So after i get back to hearthstone yesterday and after all the years in league i was really suprised by Blizzard business policy. I spend 20 dollars for that Lunar bundle and ive got literally nothing. Nothing usefull, that can help me to get back into competetive game. Yeah its only 30 packs you can say. But its 20 dollars. Literally price, that can be spent on full AAA title in little sale, or full title of some insane games that can catch you up for houndred of hours.
20 dollars are kinda big price for game industry and purchases. Especially for ingame purchase. No dlc, no more content.

For comparsion. For 20 dollars i can get best visual content in league or whole event pass thats bring me this content and even more with little bit of luck.

Next think i immediately notice was they changed Jaina art in weird way. So i came to google something about it and i end up here. Reading articles about they censoring skin, have !@#$ty expansions, legendary cards thats are literelly fillers for packs to force you spend even more money and another %^-*s.

So my question is. Is this game even worth to play again? To try play it on competetive level. Spend hours of times of hard grinding or spending money to it. Isnt it better to just stick back to league or try to pruchase month of gametime in WoW and get to this game.

Im so dissapointed with current state this company. Blizzard was titled as one of the best player friendly and worth to spend money companies, but now. Idk what i should think.

Gimme your opinion, tips and thank you for your time.
First of all blizzard ain't blizzard any more for a long time now.

Secondly yes it is worth to play it but as a F2P game, there are better ccg's now though, which i will not name cause Blizz is watching :D
02/08/2019 05:50 AMPosted by AlkoholiCZ

So my question is. Is this game even worth to play again?

Worth to play ? Yes !
Competitive? Nope !
I play casually and i enjoy it from time to time.
While this game has Warcraft theme in it, I highly don't recommend you to play this game long-term wise.

If you can tolerate outdated graphics, try classic titles like Warcraft III (RTS) and Diablo II (ARPG), they are totally worth your investments. The storylines and gameplay are just epic. (I missed old Blizzard so much:( ). If you don't like sword and spells, StarCraft series may be a better choice.

Also as you mentioned you played LoL, you can try HotS: a similar MOBA game which features characters from different Blizzard universes. It was a truly amazing game until Activision-Blizzard cruelly murdered it on December 13 2018.
Dont bother unless you like playing against non-stop hunters and mages. lol

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