Another Completely garbage brawl

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Go against talanji, and she power word shield, into coin, into inner fire.
I agree, garbage brawl. Tomorrow is Valentines day, where is our Love is in the Air card back reward for doing a Cute Brawl instead?

Failing hard as always Blizzard
It can be interesting but there are still many games where that ol reliable RNG is there.

Tried Rogue was up against Priest. Spreading my Pirates out like I am suppose to and...

Ah - Priests are running dragons decks. Drop Duskbreaker on turn 4 because its so reliable to be there. Well back to feeling like it s slot machine and the wins are instant as well as the losses.
Yup, Talanji is 100 percent free wins as I expected. Racked up 10 straight wins before I got bored and closed the game.
Yeah just picked Rogue (me) vS Paladin (them)

Paladin goes second - ah that precious coin.

I got zippo in my mulligan for turn 1.

Paladin? Give a minion +3 attack! Of course. So his totem whacks my totem and...

Theres game. Well all my minions suck so..

Turn 2 for Paladin.
Play Arcane Anomaly Coin give it divine shield. Nice.

Well I can't do spit cause munch munch for MR Paladin

Turn 3 play Brainstomer

Turn 4 Play the typical and always Blessing of the Kings...

And the game is the typical runaway.

So I now agree, this brawl is garbage.
Just be greedy go for the insta win on the mulligan.

Pulling the slot machine see if I get the 1 2 3 RNg win from turn 1.
Now I am watching a Priest put on a clinic.

Me Rogue again go first again.

Well I have a 2 drop again.

Test Subject and Northshire Cleric. And my totem gets whacked again.

Trade my minions for his try and cut down on those draws + spells.

Turn 2 ah yes, Radiant Elemental. Look at all those zero cost spells gain spells.

Turn 4 for Priest a 36/36.

Took the Paladin 5 turns for the win, Priest beat him by 1 and done it in four.

Yeah, I guess people are right blizzard never learns from other Brawls. They banned certain cards the other week cause yep - too easy. Forgot this week I guess.

Me Priest vs Rogue hmm see how this goes.

I go FIRST again!

Ah Rogue got Southsea Deckhand to go with the coin gaining patches and Southsea Captain.

Well I got all spells now. Its a runaway for the Rogue this time.
Game over turn 5. Well 2 actually. Just need to take the board on 2 and shutdown other persons totem.
I guess concede every time you dont have a coin?

Next game is over after the Mulligan.

Yep I go first no coin.

Got shickle for an opener.

Vs Rogue - coin drops cannon.

Next turn drops 2 pirates. And thats game.

If I take out the totem they are all jacked and wins in 2 turns. If I just play my hand I get crushed on the board.

Conceded - pull the slot machine level - if I dont get coin. Concede.

Game over on turn 4 in that one.

Cant make a beefy minion if you dont get one. Get test subject 100% of the time cant attack. Northshire Cleric got burned and Mage has Windfury 3/3 and zap everybody out.

Very exciting.

Game over turn 4 on that one.

I didn't stick to my plan, concede right away if no coin.

Next turn they summoned RIn.

Again mulligan hard for Northshire, nope got test subject again.
Talanji is busted lol.
I couldn't deal with it anymore. I don't play the solo, so we get a tavern brawl that plays like the solo. Okay, fine! I get a daily that says win 3 tavern brawls, great...

First game as hunter, screwed by a mage. Played it through and lost of course. Second game comes up, tried a warrior. I get a Paladin opponent. First turn he basically overpowers the field. Couldn't deal with it and actually quit playing.

I normally will lose and concede a game when playing against an opponent, but it's my cards, not a random generated deck that throws out crap cards that I have to deal with. I'm sorry I couldn't apologise to my opponent, it's not like me to do that, but I was so pissed at how the first turn was coming out and I hadn't even got going, I just couldn't take it anymore.

Right now just doing dailies, I can't even get past rank 18 at this point. Then along comes this brawl. Not giving Blizzard anymore money on this game. Games are supposed to be fun to play. This isn't fun anymore.
It's fun. The decks and shrines snowball HARD though, most games are over by the second or third turn.
Ive been dominating with the pally. Ive won like 10 straight. Very little can be done on t4 when i have 16 plus damage to inflict and then done t5.

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