If Hearthstone used to be your main game but isn't anymore, what would get you back?

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1. No more insane value, cheating mana like Death Knights and Recruit (especially Voidlord). Those card have completely exiled all Midrange decks (the most loved archetype imo) and made the game into the duels among hyper Aggro, extremely greedy Control and super noninteractive Combo.

2. More game mode:
For example, History mode.
Once a week, this mode features a Standard meta of each patch, so we will have chance to experince some notorious decks like Secret Pally, Mech Mage, Patron Warrior. Nostalgia time.

3. More progression rewards after Golden portrait:
What will we do after we have had all nine golden portraits, achieved Legend, 12 wins Arena?
02/19/2019 10:17 AMPosted by MissAshley
Is/was Hearthstone the "main game" of anyone other than pros, aspiring pros, or streamers? Given the variety of games out there on multiple platforms, I have a hard time imagining anyone fully dedicating their leisure time to this game without having some additional motivation beyond having fun.

In short, I think the game needs to be more rewarding to the players. This includes both the "card collection" aspect and the "board gaming" aspect.

The card collection aspect is obvious, HS needs to give more reward for players than just daily quests. I always consider not giving "dust reward" for completing solo adventure is a huge mis-opportunity. Currently players can only accumulate wealth via quest, arena or spending cash. Under this format, it is impossible for players to attain a full collection without spending, not a little, but a substantial amount of money on the purchase. The occasional events are great, but they only help a little towards achieving a full card collection.

Next there comes the board gaming aspect. We can all agree that the current meta is really lame: everyone just plays the same meta game to climb the ladder and you can pretty much predict what the opponent does on the next turn. Net deck is an entirely separate problem on its own but an inevitable one. Therefore, a balanced meta, as well as good class diversity, are both essential to bringing great gaming experience to the players. It cannot be just one without the other and creativity should be rewarded.

Last of all, Blizzard seriously needs to come up with a better system for players to interact with one another. A great feature of board game is that players can make friends and discuss strategies with one another. Sure, this can be still done via other software/ app, but it feels really lacklustre that HS itself doesn't offer a good in game chatting option.

p.s. apologising in advance for my wall of text.

Honestly, I really don’t know. I remember I used to be giddy at the idea of new cards, and I think I’ve seen the intro vid to League of Explorer’s multiple times. Compared to now, I think I saw Witchwood’s once, and I can’t remember that of those that followed so I must not have seen them.

If I had to pin it down to something, I’d say it was the bigger importance on being meta. Used to be that a “crappy” home made deck might have the odd chance of taking a game against the super meta decks, maybe at least a third of the time if you could play it right. Now, if your deck doesn’t have specific synergies or take the current top deck into consideration, you might run into decks where you literally cannot ever win.

It was one thing when Miracle Rogue and Freeze Mage OTK ruled the meta since they had limited damage and could realistically run out of resources or, if Warrior, armor out of their range; not only that, but almost any greedy control meta deck could be outlasted by being bigger and greedier - now there’s a limit because you can’t ever outlast a Jade, Deadman’s, Rin or Archbishop deck by just adding more expensive minions, and you definitely can’t out-armor true OTKs capable of hundreds to infinite damage. Not only that, but there are now minions like N’Zoth, Shudderwock, Diamond Spellstone and DK Gul’Dan who cannot be fought via minions at all - you either have a class running a full board clear or have lethal, because you’re not fighting that with Boulderfist Ogres and Northsea Krakens no matter what you do.

I think I may have liked the game better when things were more toned down, and stats were more carefully managed. They did do a lot of good eventually, like making sure BGH didn’t make 7+ minions unplayable while giving purpose to big minions, but they also made a lot of ridiculous ways to get tons of stats not reflective of the mana cost involved, and because of that, little incremental games have become less valuable compared to having that one board swinging card.
In short, I think the game needs to be more rewarding to the players. This includes both the "card collection" aspect and the "board gaming" aspect. ...Under this format, it is impossible for players to attain a full collection without spending, not a little, but a substantial amount of money on the purchase.

Agree with these two points. Otherwise, I've written amply about the problems with ranked mode and rewards, and how incredibly stingy the game is.
02/19/2019 10:51 AMPosted by EdwardCoug
When I first started playing, I was immediately hooked because little decisions and resource management mattered. Positioning that Dire Wolf Alpha just right to push one more damage that ends up deciding the game five turns later. That kind of stuff.

Agree strongly with this.

But at this point in my life "just" fixing that aspect isn't enough to want to come back.

HS stopped being fun at some point for me, I felt like I "had" to do dalies / grind gold because that next set was coming...

Taking a step away and exploring some different games (Beamdog's re-launches of some classic AD&D games, Battletech & Pathfinder) all provide a much different game experience, and frankly have been a far less expensive hobby.

to put it a little bit differently, buying packs often just felt bad. even when the enhancements (no dupe legends, 1 in first 10) came into play opening even 100ish packs on day 1 often left far more holes in a collection vs feeling really good about the packs I opened.

A complete overhaul to the pay model would be enough to at least consider coming back, at a price point where it seems worthwhile.


At the risk of salt in wounds, supporting a company with $ and time that is going to lay folks off after a record year, that's kind of a bad look for anyone.
I would really appreciate a legacy mode, where every card was returned to its unnerfed form.

Yes, everything would be broken, but I think it would be a fun mode nonetheless.
Lower the power level by a lot. Remember how Deathwing was a powerful unit and so it had a trade off? You have to kill your own minions and discard your hand. Remember how Ragnaros was powerful but random? Remember how Jaraxxus was powerful but basically took up a whole turn doing nothing but transforming and hitting something with your weapon while leaving you at 15 health max? Get back to that style of card design. No more "slam this card because it's insanely powerful and there's no reason not to play it".

Make changes much more often and much more quickly. How about at least one nerf/buff patch every month at a minimum? Yeah I said buff. Buff some cards for once.

Stop forcing people to build the decks you envisioned. No more jades, elementals, hero cards, etc. Just make general purpose cards and let us come up with decks to use them in.

Instead of rotation happening once a year, just make the oldest expansion rotate out every time there's a new expansion. Probably kill the classic set as well and make a new classic set each year.

Allow us to make powerful decks in arena again. The bucket thing is annoying. Oh look 3 awful cards followed by 3 awful cards and now I get 3 awesome card options but I can only pick 1. There's nothing fun about that.
Say my name! SAY IT!!!

... there ya go.
I'm getting really tired of net decks that are so streamlined that it's all I play against. Making your own deck and playing it really isn't feasible anymore. It used to be you could make counter decks, that could still play well although not nearly as successful against your average mid range...

I could take a all basic card deck to rank 15... took a while, but it could be done. I did it several times to prove the point here on the boards. People were just making fundamental mistakes and that was why they couldn't increase their ranks. You can't do that anymore.

It's actually very likely this will be my last expansion in the game. I like making decks that no one else is playing. My own decks. That's not really possible anymore, or ... Hey... Maybe I'm just as good as I once was and others have surpassed me as they did learn those fundamental skills needed.

Doesn't matter either way, the result will be the same. I'm not enjoying Hearthstone like I once did. I do find it...


I find it possibly enlightening that this feeling has cropped up a couple of expansions after Brode left.
It would require Blizzard to shut down the starcraft servers
Stop polarizing the game.

That means stop catering into decktypes.

Example: Malygos druid was a pretty cool deck, but giving it AND twig, AND Floop, AND Florist, AND insane card draw AND ramp AND minions to get out of hand quickly AND uncanny defensive cycle spells was a bit too much.

Before that it was a niche but cool deck, that had minons to keep the board and chip dmg to get an easy combo, or slowly draw their entire deck while managing to stay alive then do 32 burst dmg or so.
Doubt I'll ever get back into HS.

Magic's instant speed interaction makes HS feels linear.
Hearthstone is a terrible game! It is all designed around "grinding" and keeping you on the server. Losing more often then not, to get you to buy card packs in the hopes you get some of the better cards or to disenchant for dust because it tries to make you think the higher-end cards will win you more games. It won't, thats the way the game is designed. The better you try to get, the farther it knocks you back, stagnating you and hoping you'll continue to play because hey, you get lucky sometimes, it's only a matter of time.
The Blizzard bots in casual outnumber the humans, it's ridiculous.
Solo mode: grind. Rank mode: grind. Arena: grind. Rank mode is by far the most ridiculous. 2 steps forward, 3 back. The game sucks. The matchups are ridiculous. It puts a noob against a player with a deck of rares and legendaries. After they get their !@# handed to them, the Devs expect them to buy into it and stay and not uninstall the game? Yeah, right.
The reward for winning the Rastakan solo .....a card back? Thats a huge investment of time for something you get every month from winning 5 matches in ranked. It's a joke. All about money and I wont spend another penny on this overpriced card game. They even have the audacity to charge for Tavern Brawl. Greed
Stop with the cheat cards. I'm talking about Ancient Espionage (10 1-mana cards from your opponents class) or those priest spirit totems that shuffle 1 mana killed minions back into your opponents deck. I can keep going with cheat cards and mechanics. I wish the game focused more on actual card balance and board control rather than how to cheat out value cards as early as possible giving your opponent little in the way of dealing with it.
I used to play at least 500 matches per month. Now I play less than a 100.

I would play more if the game got new modes with new rule sets. HS is ultimately a video game and endless games need to actually be developed. Expansion every 4 months is not a development. That is literally a requirement of the genre.

I am still waiting for a tournament mode that was discussed 2 years ago.
In standard, OTK decks and infinite value cards exist.
In wild, big priest exists.

That's why Hearthstone isn't my main game anymore.

Also, MTG arena exists.

How about a blue post on your MAIN FORUMS that you don't use?

Key factor = effort
In a card game, cards matter most, so more cards more frequently.

16 months ago when I started it was my main game for a while, but you learn pretty fast that without specific cards it can't be.

Then 3 months ago I got to rank 20 for the first time - hadn't bothered to try it before - and realised what a farce it was and won't ever try again nor play ranked ever again even at 25.

Now it is nothing more than a card collection, it has no credibility for me in the context of 37 years of gaming, the cards look good and I can get the commons and rares with daily gold but winning/losing is the most valueless concept in any game I have ever played.

I have never played a game where all I do is login now every 3 days to deliberately lose to get the quests over as soon as possible to buy cards every four months, I autoquit 3 times in a row to get the tavern brawl reward as soon as.

And even at that level I still face double health/match health priests with a 32/32 minion in one round.

Esc, concede, alt + F4 is my most used combo.

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