If Hearthstone used to be your main game but isn't anymore, what would get you back?

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02/22/2019 01:19 PMPosted by Herodreamer
Do away with the instawin/infinite value cards
Cut back - waaaayyy back on all of the insane board clears
no more OTK decks without some neutral disruptive interaction
No one wants a polarized ladder where you auto lose/auto win games based on matchup.
Get back to the roots of hearthstone. Board control.

Quoted for fact. This game is in the dump right now. I only play now as it passes the time when I'm away from home working.
I want to say a "classic mode" where you could play the game how it was but it probably wouldn't work for a number of reasons money being the main one.

maybe I would come back if blizzard were to give alternatives to pvp for things like questing

maybe alternative ways to earn the daily cap than just "win 3 games" maybe completing a dungeon could reward gold that counts towards the cap too.

why is defeat 500 players less/more meaningful than say defeat 500 dungeon bosses (higher than game 4) ? maybe pve could unlock golden heroes too?

TLDR fun PVE alternatives to PVP grinding for gold and stuff
02/19/2019 02:58 AMPosted by Monlyth
1. Focus on quality of expansions over quantity. Blizzard has been rushing to meet the quota of 3 expansions a year, and I think it shows with the underwhelming reception of the latest expansions. A well-thought-out, balanced and meta-changing expansion clearly isn't possible with the strict timetable that Blizzard is currently on.


That means less packs sold. More expansions = more packs sold = bigger profit. On the other hand if players keep leaving due to poor quality soon they won't have anyone to sell those packs to - dramatically speaking.
its the quality vs quantity rule. Big corporations think they can do both, and they are always proven wrong.
Time..... after time....
Another thing I'd probably like is in-game global chat. I know there's no point and wouldn't serve anyone but still. :D
-Remove absolutely any way to easily OTK. This includes printing stuff like mechathun ypu goobers. Incredibly difficult ones that require a 80% loss rate and an almost esoteric knowledge of card interactions is fine.

-Proactive balancing: this means not letting something warp the meta for months. Its a digital game, tweak it. If dust economy scares you deal with that on your end, that is not a consumer issue. Its a business level one.

-An actual casual mode. Remove one of the two gold avenues (wins or quests) and allow your players to ban a card or a hero. Id say allow a card ban as youd probably reap so much beneficial data from that alone. There is literally no downside to this. Folks who would whine about this are the same ones enjoying taking a tier 1 into casual. Cool, they can still do that but theyre only getting mirror matches.

-Rotate/buff your core set. Then make it so everyone has it OR can aquire pieces by specific means (not random pack openings) Expansions stay the same. Nice job on the lessening of the power level in the last couple. ... but maybe take baku and genn out back and shoot em.

-Autosquelch. Its embarassing.

-Opt in global chat. You ding them, they allow it (or vice versa) and you can jabber. No i dont want to friend request accept the midrange hunter in casual emoting. But i do wanna laugh with the thief priest as my tess rogue and them spend 30 minutes benedicting each other.

-More PvE content. The witchwood was amazing (eff you time tinker) so lore Slay the Spire style is appreciates. And i love puzzles so the boomsday one was equally so.

-proactive balancing, again. Seriously. Magic does this and they print their damn cards.
no more OTK or infinite value decks.
that's about the only thing that would make me play more than a couple games on the crapper.
Two words.

Add. Discard.

Why Discard can't be used offensively yet, and instead only serves as a penalty, is baffling, especially in a game that is 90% just throwing out taunts and board clears while waiting to draw your combo pieces. The huge majority of decks are just Exodia now. All you meet these days is:

Druid - Hadronox.
Mage - Fireball.
Paladin - Infinite Shirvallah.
Priest - Mecha'thun (probably the most annoying thing I've ever experienced in a competitive video game)
Rogue - Pogo Hopper.
Shaman - Shudderwock.

Hunter, Warrior, and Warlock are the only honest decks left because you have the ability to stop their win conditions. Zul'jin Hunter loses to Mass Dispel or any other board-clear, Secret Hunter loses to Inspector, Frothing Warrior/Dragon Warrior loses to hard removal/silence, and Even/Zoolock again loses to removal or silences.

For everything else, the way I've been winning is either running full-on aggro and praying to outdraw them, or playing a Warlock and using Mana Wraiths, silences, and lucky Demonic Projects to stop the combos. It's not that I'm losing, it's that I'm just not having fun.

It's not FUN to play against some cheesy OTK setup that you know you're gonna have to face repeatedly; the whole point of a card-game is creativity and self-expression through your deck, not running counter-meta out of necessity.

TL;DR: When KoTFT and the other sets that ruined this game rotate out. That's my answer.

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