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Is it just me, or do you guys who dont pay money to hearthstone also have the problem, that when you get hard rekt in arena and try to add your opponent, they never add you back or the game is shutting down when you try to add them?!
I personaly think, that the real reason why blizzard removed the chat, is that you cant tell anymore if you are playing against a bot. And i am quite sure, that blizzard have bots, who just kick you out of arena, that you dont make enough gold, to buy enough packs, to get a good meta deck in time, so that you either need to spend money if you want to win, or you simply play only some average decks. and listen, this dont happens to anyone, but it happens to players who dont spent money atall on hearthstone. the same thing happens to 2 of my friends, who also dont spent money to the game, but only since the witchwood. so plz dont flame me now, and rather post your experiances here! ty :)
Not accepting friend request, especially ones that were sent right after a match, is pretty common. Salty people who are emotional after a loss have been known to cuss/!@#$ talk their opponent, then unfriend them.

As for game shutting down after you sending a friend request, no conspiracy there.
04/12/2018 05:36 PMPosted by Grizzle
From the reports I have seen on this, it happens when you have too many outgoing pending requests. Go into the settings in and delete old outgoing requests that never got a response, and you should be able to send them again.
This is a blue post btw. Guess he's no longer a mod hence the absense of blue text. And that's Settings in launcher, not one in HS.

Also, no, there has not been any evidence to suggest system in HS is intentionally unfavorable to f2p players. I don't play arena, but there are people who collect cards purely from arena grinding (infinite arena run from gold, pack reward). One of the Champion, Korean guy, his description says he is nicknamed ladder specialist, but says he got all of his card from arena.

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