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So, no updates about this? Censoring female heroes is the new normal now. What's next:

Removing "offensive" card images that people don't like?

Perhaps we should cover Venus de milo because it might offend people.

Here's the real question team 5: do you make your female employees wear full body coverings and other oppressive practices when traveling outside the US, lest they offend some male person's gaze?

For all the causes you (as a company and individually) claim to support, this move is a huge step backward.

Bring back classic Jaina!

No hearthstone censorship!
Just go google narga if you want to see a hot Jaina.

Or do some sketchy search for jaina+boobs and you'll see all kinds of stuff.

Cleavage on a hero portrait is what you're worried about when you have 25 Trillion images of boobs on the internet?

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