Players taking the Yogg brawl too seriously

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You would think foil hero players would understand more than anyone it's a pure RNG spam fest for fun, but they seem to be the ones who take the longest turns and spam le'oops at the end when RNjesus throws them a bone.

Talk about hilarious. ROFL. :D
Yes. Pure fun. Like riding a bike for the first time then falling off and breaking your ankle. Drew my deck first play, what can you do but laugh insanely. I LOVE IT : )
Watched that happen to a guy. Was HILARIOUS!!!!

I've lost on turn 2 as well when volcano nuked my hand hahaha.
The foil players cry because they can't net deck a pure rng brawl. Have you ever noticed when it is a build a deck brawl and there are a few decks that really shine, it is mostly foil players running those decks? If they can't look up how to win, then they whine (I know some of you might be free thinkers, sorry to mass group).

Anyway, glad to see you took the rng last week with a grain of salt. I wish more players had your attitude. Although, I do get a good laugh out of reading some of their angry posts with the inevitable "WORST BRAWL EVER" tag. I usually can't help but feeding those trolls a little and watch them blow a gasket. Can just picture them red-faced and spitting all-over their monitor while they yell at the devs and anyone who doesn't share their hatred.

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