Fireworks Tech Card missing.

Bug Report
Fireworks Tech Card missing.

Hello, I logged in during the 5 to 14 February (9 February is the day I noticed it and wrote to the tech support). I checked my collection too. I checked the crafting too, the card is greyed there - so I do not own it at the moment of this writing.

Now some days later, it is still not in my collection. Hence I follow the recommendation of the tech support (who couldn't help) to report it.

The news says you get a FREE Fireworks Tech card. And my friend got one? It's a broadside issue affecting anyone if it was a bug: I logged in, I don't see why it's not being resolved. Yet. And why the tech support can't give the card - when you even wrote the ticket within the time frame.
How long had it been since you logged on before February 5th?
What specific quests (ie, name and requirements) did you have in your quest log when you logged in during the week of February 5th?

Issues claiming the Fireworks Tech card

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