Paladin vs Paladin, Feb20 brawl

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Twice I have entered a Tavern Brawl as a Pally, only to have the game concluded on the first round.

Essentially, a player (first time is was my opponent, the second time it was me) played a card that dealt damage to their own hero, which triggered this cascade of damage going back and forth, and both of us lost.

Anyone else run into this? Seems a cheesy way to set a game up. brawl
Maybe they knew everyone would flock to the paladin again after last week and thought this might cause people to try a different hero?
Yeah this is too obvious to be an overlook. This is what tavern brawls are for!
It's just the old hearthstone coding, when they had the Auchenai Soulpriest and Mistress of Pain loop. They fixed that because they wanted to make Lifesteal useful but left the fundamental code still in tact.

They haven't used it in a while and likely forgot about it.
its events this this one that make me excited to log in and play. It really sucks when you log on and its a huge disappointment! I started off by trying every hero in one game, I faced pally 7/9 games. lost most of them. This isn't fun, or fair.

to tell the truth though, I don't know why I am posting this comment.
blizzard doesn't give a !@#$ about a good gaming experience anymore,
its all about money.

I wish ben didn't leave us.
That just happened to me und it was hilarious.
Paladin is one of the worst characters this week.
BUT - who wins?

I went first and my life total got to zero first - loss.
Opponent went first and his/her life total got to zero first - also a loss?

I don't care that this is a stupid brawl, but if both players lose in this situation that's bs, and if the game randomly determines a winner, well that's bs as well.

Yet another rushed, poorly thought-out, untested brawl. And that sucks. Get it together Blizzard (EDIT: ACTIVISION), the game is hardly fun at this point already and this sort of crap really puts the nail in the coffin.

I got 2 legendaries in my last 2 classic packs, after years my (soon-to-be-nerfed) classic set is just about complete for this mostly f2p (completely f2p since you ended the adventures) player, yet that sort of luck does not make up for the current state of this game.
Everyone loses: a draw is a loss for both players (doesn't matter who loses first: previous Brawl I was in a guaranteed loss situation as Paladin but my opponent's health was low as well, so I played Hydrologist and yay! Eye for an Eye to at least score a draw).
Same happens to me
Don’t play Paladins to farm easy win noobs...
Its not really an oversight. The shrine works just as advertise you take damage you deal 5 damage to the opponent. 2 Paladins fighting each other loop. The Auchenai Mistress thing also wasn't a bug they changed Mistress to Lifesteal before that it was Text that said whenever Mistress deals damage heal for that much so Auchenai coverted the heal to damage with then triggered Mistress again and it looped until it killed you. Changing it to just be Lifesteal makes it so it doesn't loop because it didn't have the text that was like Lifesteal but different for a few cases like the Auchenai Loop so not really a coding thing they literally changed the text on the card so it would have the intended effect without the weird fringe cases like the Auchenai Loop. Kind of like how Charged Devilsaur is functionally a Rush card most of the time but has the fringe cases where it functions as a Charge and the extra text is relevant.

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