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i am playing against a warrior player, and it is turn one.

I instantly passed the turn to him, and his turn is still not yet over

i am very confused, the rope is not coming up and it has been a number of minutes

i am going to just concede the game, id doesn't seem like he is going to make a play and this is the absolute most un-interactive thing ever, how long does he have to decide his turn one play? last game i played against a priest and his rope came up far quicker, this is absolutely ridiculous
i dont understand, he still has not made a play and its still turn one

i thought turns were only supposed to last 75 seconds, is this some sort of glitch?
closed the application and returned to the message " you won the game"??????/

i never made a play, did we both disconnect from servers or something? who take priority for wins in that situation? it makes no sense
It's a "bug" known by Activision since the game launched where supposedly you or your opponent has been disconnected from the server... Supposedly. But like I said, it's a "Bug" that's been known since Copystone was released and Activision can't / won't fix it.
Laggy internet either on your end or on blizz's end

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