"New" cards bug question

Bug Report
For the past year or so, after I play for a while I will look at my collection and it will show "new" cards which I already had 2 copies of in my collection. So I go through them, search "new" and hover mouse over them until they are no longer classified as new. This happens multiple times per day sometimes.

I'm talking any card which I positively had 2 copies of before (often commons or rares which I have used 2 in a constructed deck before), showing up as new and it is annoying. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal?
It is a bug. Cards are randomly marked as "new" after disenchant.
That Blizzard haven't fixed this by now is absolutely staggering. Before I log out, I make sure I clear all 'new' cards. When I log in the next day, I have 'new' cards again. Absolutely ridiculous.

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