Lifesteal Mechanics

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I think Blizzard really needs to rethink Lifesteal. Your card is essentially stealing life. If I have 1 life and your lifesteal card does 7 did you just steal 7 life? You didn't! You just stole one life.

Your lifesteal just attacked my card with a divine shield? I took zero damage and lost no life--but you just got 3 health back with lifesteal? HOW? You didn't steal any life!!!!

Doesn't even make sense.
I haven't watched enough, but i don't think you can life steal off divine shield.. Doesn't DS work both ways? the only difference being, the person who attacks W/O a ds, still takes the damage...
I think someone else here said think of it similar to lifeleech. It’s just a bad usage of a word on blizzards part
thats a lie poping a divine shield with a lifesteal card wont heal you
I'm not gonna complain when that filthy odd pala gives me 12 life off a corpsetaker.

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