Sincerely thankyou to players in ladder today

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I want to say thank you to all the players I have faced today while playing ladder. I have played roughly 20 ranked games and within all of those games, none of the players that I have played against BMed me when I lost which was rather surprising. Even though I get frustrated losing to top tiers, especially the OTK type decks against my extremely tryhard cube mech mage deck that I spent hours through trial and error to make something work, it still makes me feel better from those individuals that were polite to me.

So thank you again. You guys are making me feel more comfortable and happy around the Hearthstone community. I continue to look forward toward having an enjoyable experience playing this game.
To the people who came to stop by to just dislike; how often do you play non meta decks?
What do you concider to be BMing? Playing extra cards? Emoting more than once? "intentionally" missing lethal?

I think the downvoters are people who are jeleous that you had a good experience when they didn't. Or they think this is some kind of troll which make me feel sorry for them.

Thanks for being positive. We need more positive players.
I consider BMing mostly to come from players using emotes only when I am about to lose. I was reluctant to respond to your comment because I would end up contradicting myself about emotes when all I should do is right click their portrait and click squelch. I don't want to get deep about the subject, but I don't squelch players every game because I either forget or to 'hope they won't use emotes', The emote BM problem that I have can be easily fixed so this response feels foolish.

I am not entirely a positive player, but thank you for typing that I am.
Squelch negates BMs except for roping.
02/18/2019 05:36 AMPosted by Rabbit
Squelch negates BMs except for roping.

Not when you can still see the face highlighting, indicating emote use most of the time.

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