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I've just discovered how much Hearthstone is improved on mobile by turning off asset download in the options settings. The card animations (gold cards, card backs, heroes) and some sound effects are the downloadable assets, and they're not needed to enjoy the game.

If you download or upgrade Hearthstone, launch it, then immediately press on the Option menu cog icon at right, select Asset download, and disable all downloads, you will:

1. save storage space, battery, and CPU. I was playing Hearthstone on a 16GB iPad, and the assets would fight for free space with other apps, which were always being cleaned of caches to free up space as the iPad ground to a halt because the operating system ran out of storage space as well while apps redownloaded. Now less space is used overall. The iPad has enough free space! It's faster and smoother! Hearthstone works on an 8GB iPhone 5c! Life is better.

2. Have a more reliable game. Less likely to crash during busy matches with multiple board animations. No longer crashes when disenchanting gold cards, which I've always found to be a problem on iOS. Life is better.

3. Have easier-to-see cards. Rather than looking at a minion animation and wondering if the minion has Windfury or not, there's no animation! Windfury is much more obvious! You're not distracted by your opponents' card animations whizzing around their hands in not-quite-sync, because the animation just isn't there! Life is better.

4. Be less impressed by opponents wielding lots of gold cards. Sure, they're still gold-bordered, but you're thinking 'you bought all those gold cards, and you're having ZERO effect impressing me.' You feel less daunted, while they're still quite happy with their collections and their animations. Life is better.

I turned off asset downloading, I found Hearthstone was more enjoyable and I enjoyed playing and winning - and I quickly rose eight ranks to my new personal best. Life is better.

You can do this. Your life can be better, too.

(I play Hearthstone in silence, while commuting, mostly. All of the sound effects and music could be optional downloads - they're always turned off for me, and can be marked as disposable and cleanable once turned off, just like the introductory movie once shown or skipped through.

And minimising my animation use and disenchanting gold cards where possible and having the default plain card back so not as to inflict animations or that new infectious viral card back on others and save their battery and CPUs is my personal choice as a woke ecowarrior, making life better for all.)
Will do! Thx for the tips! Was starting to run low on storage!

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