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How are these quest cards a improvement to the game?

I have been away from the game for years, maybe 5 years?
Recently came back to find these quest cards that players get to "auto play" at the beginning of the game.

"Do this (Enter amount) and gain silly power you don't deserve" :)
I have no idea how to get the cards to begin with (yeah don't waste your time, I'll google it and spend time researching even though I'm not a lifer, so fun)

I walked away from this game years ago when doctor boom was popular (Whatever year that was?) and all the clones had one in their deck. It ruined the game.

I understand that you will frequently take losses that just boggle the mind and leave you looking at the screen saying to yourself "That dude didn't deserve that win" (we all do it, don't lie) but there is a difference between losing a match and just straight up "sHeNaNiGaNs"

On a side note: Why is it when I play Acolyte of Pain and he gets 1 shot, I don't get a card?
Getting 1 shot IS "taking damage" in fact it's the ultimate form of damage since it results in death. A card should be drawn.
Likewise with "Cultmaster". The card is friendly when I play it yet when the cultmaster gets 1 shot, I don't get a card. A friendly minion died and I got nothing?

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