If you could delete one card...

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Which Baku would it be?
The Baku the Mooneater, then, only players with golden Baku the Mooneater could to play it.
Genn-uinely intrigued by the upcoming answers.
I avoid a whole format because of this 1 card.
I would happily play wild if this single card wasn’t there.
Scavenging Baku
Barnes. Everytime I decide to go in wild and play my awesome copy token warlock zoo deck with 2 spirit of bat, 2 witch cauldron, 2 doppel, 2 echo ooze, 2 soul infusion, ect I get destroyed by priests and barnes shenanigans or psy scream.
Barnes/the priest class altogether..oh card.
The card is a problem and the devs refuse to fix it, there is no way to counter big priest.

This pathetic excuse of a tech card has done nothing to punish players who rely on Hero Power upgrades.

If I can destroy their deck, why not their Baku/DK upgrade?
Barnes/Priest sounds good to me.
Explosive Runes. It simply gives too much tempo for mages. It not only helps them in early game to keep board control, by clearing early game minions as well as dealing face damage. But it also gives them a huge advantage when in use with cards like Kirin Tor Mage. Every other secret you can easily play around, but you have to develop and early board to answer what Mage trows at you, and Explosive Runes simply denies you that. And no, Divine Shield minions is not the answer. I wish it was, but it isn't.
I still wish Barnes could summon only copies of 5- or less Cost minions.
He might as well be deleted otherwise
Carnivorous Cube.
obsidian statue.

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