Tundra rhino: Nerf the Charge > change for Rush?

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02/27/2019 09:22 AMPosted by Nullspace
02/27/2019 08:59 AMPosted by Gishgeron

0k let's disassemble that last part.

For a hunter to be using his hero card and power on a minion that has no immediate impact and does nothing to swing the board (that turn) he had to be so far ahead on board he feels safe completely tossing a mid game play

Note: these plays are what decide if he wins or loses the game.

So unless rhino stealth is the best possible choice he had (and that's a tanked pool, really) that's not ever going to be the case. Because if you're an aggressive deck hes not choosing an empty play....and if you're control there are too many tools to break that and set him back almost two full turns.

Now, on to Lynx.

A 2 mana 2/2 beast with rush is fine. 2 1 mana 1/1 beasts with rush are fine. A turn 4 play that costs 3 cards, requires a board to trigger, and rewards you with a 6/4 is unbelievably weak.

And it doesnt get stronger as you go. The removal and defensive tools ramp hard from 5 on.

To achieve anything with hyena before turn 4, you have to be leaving his tiny, low health, minions in play. Which is quite possibly the worst thing you could ever do when facing a tempo deck. And even if they get off 1 lynx to buff a turn 2 hyena....its still just a 3 health minion.

I'm fairly certain that, regardless of what deck you play....if you cant address 3 health on turn 3 your deck is bad and was going to lose to:

Henchclan thug
Vicious fledgling
Dire mole

Don't think you understand the problem with rexxar. Every deck have finite removal. Rexxar have infinite threat coupled with drawing a card a turn. He could easily play a spellstone, craft a beast and feel a stealth rhino is good considering he have hyena in hand with lynx or unleash the hound etc. Of cuz that's not the only problem with rexxar. But infinite threat vs finite removal. One will run out first. Not hard to guess which one.

While true that finite removal isnt going to beat infinite threats...

At that point it's really irrelevant what he crafts

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