Bronze gatekeeper not working with hadronox

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So I put this on the bug report forum and was told I was wrong.

I am not, based on its base state (what is listed on the card) it should be rezzed by Hadronox, but hey call me Edna thought I would see what the community thought and how they understand, and here is the important part... the card text of.

Magnetic, Taunt
The problem isn't whether or not it has taunt. We can all agree it has taunt. The problem is if you magnetic fuse it into something, it does not die.

The card dying is an important prerequisite of it being eligible to be returned by Hadronox.

So what about the big minion that you make, that does die. But that magnetic amalgamation is a minion that has an added taunt, not a taunt minion, so it also does not resurrect.
As the second poster said, it depends on how the Gatekeeper is used. If played as a minion, Hadronox will rez it (as a 1/5 taunt). If it is used as magnetic, then it will not rez and the mech it improves will not rez either UNLESS the buffed mech has taunt originally then it will rez as well with its base stats.
You do realize bug report forum users are not some users from other special group, right? It's the same users you see in other forums.

I'm still confused of what you're trying to say. I and others have already mentioned the seemingly obvious ones, whether you liked the answer or not, but you put out your wording very strangely. You did say you have a replay, so show us. Or, is it really just what we thought? You played some mech minion, you magnetized Bronze Gatekeeper on it, you're upset Hadronox doesn't revive the mech, Bronze Gatekeeper or the combined one? If so, what part of what others said don't you understand? It has never worked that way in HS. This is not Kangor's Endless Army, which has a special rule with reviving Magnetized bunch (which resulted in a bug with Sap/Vanish. don't know if this was fixed).
Ok now someone explained it a way I understand... never hits the dead state if fused...

Ok that I get, me and 2 of my friends that play were all baffled.


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