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I recently opened a ticket to report a clearly vulgar and offensive name I came across during a match. I navigated through the menu maze to Hearthstone > Not Listed Here. Opened a live chat window and ofered my report. The nice CS rep said he'd pass it along and agreed that it'd be nice to have an in-game reporting system like WoW with a simple drop down menu.

I know this is not the first of these sorts of topics, but has Blizzard ever explained why they do not have an in-game reporting system? By making you go online to the support site and open a ticket, it almost seems as through they are actively discouraging the reporting of inappropriate names. I think some players have speculated that it might be abused, but I don't recall seeing anything from Blizzard explaining their reasoning.
With everyone about to get canned, I'm sure this will get the attention it deserves.
People who use offensive names are basically just identifying themselves as someone with whom you would never want to be friends.

Why on earth would you want them to be forced to change it, thus going into stealth mode?
To be cynical I've always thought that they don't have such a system because then they would have to employ/pay people to deal with them and then dealing with the complaints inevitably leads to more people using it in an ever growing spiral.
This topic has been discussed before if i remember.
Reason why they won't implement that is because being offended by someone's username is SUBJECTIVE. People would report others just out of SPITE and salt. It would create unnecessary chaos.

Only foreseeable solution is to have a filter when creating usernames so that profanities get censored out, BUT with censorship as history proved, people just get more creative and spiteful to go around the system and break the rules.

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